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Mu Online S6 Ep3 x10 Hard Server!

Will be opened on 1 of December 2022!

Mu Online S6 Ep3 PLAY TO WIN!

MuOnline without VIP EXP and Shop Items!

Mu Online S6 Ep15 x10 Security

We have the best AntiDos / AntiCheat Systems!

Hi and welcome to our MU Arael x10 - PLAY TO WIN SERVER!

So our test server will run till 31 November and then we'll open the server on 1 December 2022 Officially at 20:00 UTC+3 Timezone!

So you have enough time to check the server and maybe you have some great ideas to improve our game server and so on!

And don't forget to vote for the server and get some rewards every day!

So we wish you a plasant game!